Conference-provided accommodation will be located at the Student’s dormitory (Sejong-1 gwan), Pukyong National University, about 100m from the conference venue, Engineering building 1.


Each room accommodates two people, and the dorms are very strictly segregated by gender. Male and female dorms are in separate sections of the building, and attendees are not permitted to enter the section of the opposite gender. Unfortunately, this means that we are unable to accommodate mixed-gender couples in the same dorm room this year.

We understand that this traditional gender separation is problematic for some attendees. Contact the registration team if you need alternative accommodation.

Each room contains two single beds, desks, and closet space, as well as a small bathroom. The bathrooms are in a “wet room” style with no separate shower cubicle.

There is a curfew in place between 1 and 5 AM. The curfew means you are not allowed to enter or leave the dormitory building during this time. You can still move around inside the building and visit others’ rooms during the curfew.

Korea is a “shoes off” culture in domestic spaces, and this also applies to the dorms. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring a pair of flip flops for use in the bathroom, and slippers for use in the room itself, if they desire. The bedrooms and the bathrooms will be shared between 2 people.

The room Wi-Fi and wired LAN ports will be provided by the accommodation facilities.

Self-paid accommodation

DebConf is providing beds for people who want to pay for accommodation in the same dormitories, at PKNU.

The cost is 21 EUR/night. If you want a private room just for yourself, the cost is 42 EUR/night.

If number of rooms is filled, we will share that information here.


If you are looking for a hotel nearby the venue, here is a list:

You may book a room in nearby hotels or hostels in Busan. If you don’t see any availability on their website, we’d suggest checking booking aggregator websites or contacting the hotel directly.