Korean Visas and K-ETA

South Korea offers Visa waiver program to many number of countries. If you’re visiting South Korea for short-term (up to 90 days) and eligible for visa waiver program, Normally you’ll be required to apply for K-ETA. In case you need Visa to visit South Korea, You’ll most likely need C-3-1(Short-Term General) Visa which can be used to participate meetings and conferences.

To check if you need Visa to visit South Korea, Visit Visa Navigator on visa.go.kr.


Travellers who can visit South Korea without Visa are required to have a K-ETA (electronic travel authorization) issued in advance. Visitors in the following categories are not required to apply for K-ETA or are exempted from K-ETA:

If you are required to apply for a K-ETA, go to application form webpage and start preparing your application. You may check your application result here.

Preparing and Applying for C-3-1 Visa

To visit South Korea for DebConf24 with a visa, a C-3 visa (C-3-1 Short-Term General or C-3-9 Ordinary Tourist) should be sufficient. Among C-3 series of visa, we recommend applying for C-3-1 visa to make your purpose of visit clearer.

If you need a C-3-1 visa and therefore an invitation from the conference sponsors, we recommend you register to attend and then let us know as early as possible. This is because visa applications usually take 2 weeks or more, and sometimes we need to send you document printouts physically via the postal service.

What you (the attendee) will need to prepare

To obtain this kind of visa, you will need to prepare the following documents. The required documents vary by residency and passport authority, so these are general guidelines. Check the visa application documentation carefully for your particular circumstances.

What we (organizers) will provide to attendee for visa application and how to request

You will also need to receive following documents below either via email or via postal service from us:

We can provide you documents above once your registration is confirmed. To request, please contact visa@debconf.org with details below.

Applying for Visa at South Korea Diplomatic Missions nearby

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